Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Great Outdoor Exercises

Can't bear the thought of trudging on the treadmill for an hour? You're not alone. Many people do not exercise enough just because they find exercise a little boring. Need some motivation to get moving? Trythese outdoor activities instead:

Yoga in the Park

One great thing about the burst in yoga's popularity is the amount outdoor classes now widely available.These are typically held in public parks or in scenic areas like waterfronts and beaches. Check local pages to find out when classes are held. It's a great chance to combat aches and pains without having to head to the studio. Plus, if you have ever felt self-conscious in a studio, the casual, serene setting helps take any pressure off and also offers you plenty of space!


This outdoor activity burns an average of 442 calories every hour. Pick a trail in a local park or head to the woods for a change of scenery. Drink plenty of water while you hike to avoid dehydration. Make sure you are wearing good shoes for the activity, and also warm up with a good stretch and start slow to avoid injury.


No need for a "top-of-the-line" bike -- functional bicycles that are fun to ride can be found starting at around $100. Look for areas with dedicated bike trails to avoid the risk of accidents with cars. If you are not sure that you'd be up for going for regular bike rides, consider making it a practical trip: take a ride to the coffee shop for an iced drink or run a few errands by bike. It's a great way to sneak in a workout!

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboards (SUPs) are becoming popular nearly everywhere there's a nearby body of water. Whether you are paddling on lakes, the ocean or rivers, this challenging but fun exercise helps build core strength and balance. Not sure if you are ready to invest in a board? Rentals are often available to, well... "get your feet wet," and many dealers offer free introductory classes which help you learn about the best techniques and decide which board is best for you.


Few exercises offer the level of cardio benefits and strengthening that swimming does without putting excess strain on your joints. Public pools can be a great place to get started, but also look for opportunities to swim in nearby natural bodies of water for an exciting change of pace.

No single outdoor activity will be the best fit for every individual, so try out a few different types of outdoor exercises and settings to find the one(s) for you. When you find the exercises that fit, you are more likely to work out more often, stay on track, and see the health benefits of that dedication over time.